• Daily Feast – May 21

    Steps to Greatness (1) Text: Genesis 37:2-20; Genesis 4-7; Psalm 105:16-22 Today, we will consider the beautiful story of Joseph who in his father's house was holy, gifted and loved. He was a son born at old age by Racheal- the apple of Jacob's eyes. He brought the bad report

  • Daily Feast – May 20

    Living To Please God Text: 1 Thes. 5:23; 1 Peter 3:3-4 Man is a spirit being and the voice of his spirit is his conscience. The voice of his soul is his reasoning, while the voice of his body is his feeling. We should take care of our bodies, for

  • Daily Feast – May 6

    Healing: A Reward For Service To The Lord Text: Mark 3:1-5 It is the desire of the Lord That man should serve him. Part of our services to God is to worship him. However, true worship takes its root in the spirit; and is especially birthed in the knowledge of