Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for joining us and the Name of Jesus Ministries on the World-Wide Web. It is exciting to be able to minister to you through this vast information network. Our hope is that our Website will be a valuable tool in bringing you ever closer to the Lord Jesus Christ and we pray the Word of God delivered from this ministry becomes a testimony you can share with friends and family.

Do you realize how vital it is to be taught the Word of God in a practical manner? Through this, you not only gain understanding, but you can apply it to your daily life. It’s almost as important as breathing, because it affects your ability to succeed.

Here at The Name of Jesus Ministries, we are committed to ensuring that your soul is renewed, and your spirit is revitalized and filled with God’s Word. We appreciate the opportunity to minister a timely Word that gives you the answers you’ve been searching for.

It is truly an honor and privilege to contribute to your spiritual growth in the Lord. Know that we are in agreement for all your needs being met that are consistent with a godly lifestyle, but our greatest desire for you is that you learn how to walk in the atmosphere of truth, righteousness, wisdom and power.

In the service of the King,

Rev. Dr &  Rev. Mrs John Idowu.