Blood Genotype Changed

I want to thank God for covenant of life in this house.

Over the years, I had always struggled with sickle cell anemia and had always treated myself for this. During one of the communion service, papa said;

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]communion is no child’s play but rather a table where life is being serviced[/quote]

I believed what I heard and attached my faith to it. I ate the bread and drank the blood, but I didn’t feel like any extraordinary thing had happen. However, I went to my medical doctor for medical checkup and the report that I was given was that my genotype had changed from SS to AS. I went to other medical centers including one of the best hospitals in the nation and they all confirmed that my genotype was AS.

Beloved, God still work wonders, just key into the move of God in this house.

Mrs. A

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