Confessing Your Way Through

I am created to enjoy life. I am tapping into the joy of God that is inside of me.

God is fighting my battle. The spring of joy, a well of joy is filling my heart on regular basis.

I am speaking to myself; I am singing a song of praise in my heart.

I have a grateful heart, a grateful attitude towards God and towards man. I am making melody in my heart, thinking about the goodness of God.

God is pouring into me, victory, success, grace in the name of Jesus. My habit is filled with joy. I am making melody in my heart every day, every time.

Nothing will leak the joy of God out of my life. The joy of God will not leak out of my life in the name of Jesus. There is a way out and God is the way. I will not be miserable, nothing can make my life miserable.

I am thanking God!

I refuse to be upset!

I go through my days and my life with expectancy, I have joy, I have strength because the joy of the Lord is my strength.

Nothing will take my song in the name of Jesus. Those who laugh at me will soon laugh with me. I am much healthier, I am much thankful. No difficulty can stop me. The birds of the air make melody to God no matter the weather or circumstance.

I am better than them, so no more complacency, I am praising God. I will not complain through life but I will pray and give thanks to God.

I will not complain. I know it is easy to complain but I will not complain. I will not remain in the same position but I am praising God.

He is training me. In the name of Jesus, I will not create unhappiness around my life. I am making melody, I will not be upset. I will not blame others. I have faith, I have joy. My God is not in disaster therefore no disaster will come around my life. I speak to myself in Psalms in the name of Jesus.

I control every thought. I speak the right words; I speak the right things. My soul, you will not be cast down in the name of Jesus.

I will not lose my song; I will not be enduring through life. Oh Lord, I will stand with you. I will not be downcast with disappointments. God is lifting me up from the pit of life, from disaster, from lack, from failure. Angels are working for me. I have a new song in my heart. I am not thinking about my past or the present; I am looking to God

My dream, my passion will come to pass. I will rejoice, I will rejoice no matter what is happening. The crops may fail in the world, things may dry but there is no dryness in God. Oh, I know God, I am rejoicing in the Lord.

I have gotten my song back, I rejoice in the God of my Salvation. Life is too short to go on with negativity. So in the name of Jesus, I am making melody everyday in my heart.

The voice of God I am hearing. I am not hearing the voice of the enemy; no strife, no envy, no competition, no division around my life. I am conscious, I am a spirit being so my inward witness is renewed day by day; it does not affect my age in the name of Jesus. God has no bad day so every day is glorious; everyday is good in the name of Jesus. The enemy does not determine my life or my future. God is working for me. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. I am made God’s righteousness. I have His ability in me, God is working in me both to will and to do great exploit.

No more failure around my life in the name of Jesus. The Bible says “the work of righteousness is peace; the effect of righteousness is quietness and assurance”. I have peace; I am assured that God is working for me in the name of Jesus. It is well with me. The thought of the righteous is always right. From this day, my thought is right, my life is right.

I am making it.

I am fruitful.

I replenish.

I dominate.

I subdue.

It is working for me

I am multiplying to His glory in the name of Jesus.

He is the chief shepherd, He is faithful, and He is just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So nothing can hinder my miracle in the name of Jesus.

I don’t have to feel righteousness to be righteous. I am righteous because of my faith in Him. Because I am righteous, my prayers are answered and my path is blessed. No one can curse what God has blessed



I am blessed, I cannot be imprisoned, I am linked with the head of the church, He is my head so in my life, there is no stroke; in my life, there is no paralysis; in my life, there is no failure. I keep moving forward because I am encouraged by the word of the Lord. The word of God is working in my life. No force of darkness can keep me from my destiny in the name of Jesus.

I will not make poor choices, I will not make bad choices, I will not make stupid choices. Every struggle before now has developed my life, it has trained my life to be better and blessed. No one can curse what God has blessed.

No evil shall befall me, no evil is befalling me because I belong to God in the name of Jesus. Oh Lord, I give you glory in the name of Jesus. You said in your word that I should put my hands on my mouth when a wrong or an evil thought is coming against me. In the name of Jesus, I quit listening to accusing voice of the enemy for God will do amazing things in my life in the name of Jesus. By the word of God, He made this planet and everything in the world will obey the word of God in my mouth. So the words of God are foundation to make things happen.

Therefore I am a master over circumstances, over situations because of the word of God in my mouth. I shall not be afflicted in the name of Jesus. I take the battle to the gate of my enemies; nothing can conquer me for God is working in me both to will and to do His pleasure.

It is well with me, with my family, with my home, with my situation. The power of God is working for my advantage; because of the anointing of God, yokes are destroyed and burdens are lifted. I am being lifted. Doors are opening unto me from the NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST in the name of Jesus.

Two sparrows are sold for a penny, how much more I who is the image of God. Therefore, God is working for me. Blessings are coming my way. Money, come in the name of Jesus.

Money, come from the NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST. I command you to come. I dispatch my angels to go out on my behalf and cause it to come. I command my angels to cause every favor to work to my advantage in the name of Jesus.



I shall not die, I am not dying, I am alive to enjoy the goodness of God in the land of the living.

The husband man, the farmer must be the first partaker of the harvest. I pray for this nation, so the blessing of this nation will not be behind me. The good of this land is my portion. The blessings of God are coming my way, nothing can stop them.

No devil, no demon can stop my inclusion into what God plans for my life. What Adam lost, I gain in Jesus, therefore in the name of Jesus, no sickness, no cancer, no attack from my head to my toes.


I am whole, I am free, I am favoured, I am established, I am exalted in Jesus.

My boast is in the Lord. No affliction, no oppression has power over my life. I am free and I am free indeed. No demons, no devil can withstand the authority of God’s word in every area of my life.

I am not going to die, I won’t die this year, I won’t die 10 years from now, I won’t die 20 years from now. I will live the fullness of my life. I will live to my satisfaction.

Nothing can take me before I am ready. The Bible says “with long life He satisfies me. I shall live to enjoy the fruits of my work in the name of Jesus.

No one will take my place, no devil, no wickedness; no household demon can take my place. No witch, no wizard, no familiar spirit can snuff my life from me, because the god that did not make me cannot determine my destiny.

God made me in Christ Jesus, so God will determine the ending of my life. No devil, no demon, no enemy, no people, no conspiracy, no wickedness in this land or any land that can determine the outcome of my life because I know His thoughts for me are thoughts of good and not of evil to bring me an outcome and a future. Therefore in the name of Jesus no dream of the night can define me, I am defined by the word of God.

Forever oh Lord, Your words are settled in my life through my mouth because heaven is in me; Christ is in me the hope of glory.

I cannot be stranded because God is working in me both to will and to do His pleasure. AMEN!

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