Daily Feast – December 30

Healing, A Benefit of the Covenant

If they obey and serve Him, They shall spend their days in prosperity, And their years in pleasures. - Job 36:11

It is the desire of the Lord that man should serve Him. Part of our services to God is to worship Him. However, true worship takes its root in the spirit; and is especially birthed in the knowledge of the truth. Jesus said, “God is a spirit; and they that worship him must worship Him in the spirit and in truth (John4:24)”. Nothing gladdens the heart of the master like a true worship proceeding from a pure heart. Having a right perspective of the position of worship makes a believer totally committed to coming to His presence irrespective of the physical condition of the body or financial status of a person.

The woman bent low by the spirit of infirmity and the man with the withered hand were committed to coming before God to offer their worship in spite of their body impairment. Though we were not told how long the man had suffered a withered hand, the woman had been in that condition for eighteen years. They found time to offer God what he deserves-Worship. God must have seen their hearts and decided to reward their diligent seeking (Hebrew11:6).

Many people in their situation in our generation would have abandoned church. It is not wrong to seek God in the time of difficulties, but it is wrong to make the blessings of God our focus, rather than the lord who gives the blessings. That is what is wrong with this generation. Mark it, these two individuals under focus were just worshiping God, and inspired by their commitments, God decided to bring an end to their misery. It is not coincidental that both healings took place on the Sabbath. Their healings were the benefits of the covenant

Prayer: God, I receive the grace to wholly devote myself to you in Jesus Name. Lord rid me of habits and behaviors that hinder me from serving your will and purpose. Amen

Further Reading: Mark 3:1-5,  Luke 13:10-17, John 4:24
One-year Bible Reading Plan: Malachi 1:1-2:17; Revelation 21:1-27; Psalm 149:1-9; Proverbs 31:10-24

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