Daily Feast – December 31

Why Healings Are Lost

Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown. -Revelations 3:11

Some children of God are still living in affliction today despite the provisions of God for their total deliverance. Though they know and believe the redemptive power of Christ, yet their attitudes towards the things of the spirit and the anointed men of God contradict what they claim to know and thereby, they miss the best of God. Some feel that what Jesus did during His earthly ministry can never be experienced in this dispensation. They say it only happened then, it cannot happen again. They have forgotten that the bible says, “JESUS is same yesterday, today and forevermore”.  Some of them underestimate the power of God in the lives of His anointed vessels.

Another reason sick folk do not receive or lose their healing is unbelief. Jesus came to his own country with an anointing without measure, yet their unbelief hindered the release of the anointing. They connote that if Jesus had attempted to raise a dead person in that environment, he would have failed. Their unbelief formed a thick barrier that resisted the awesome anointing. Unbelief still deflates the anointing. The account in the sixth chapter of Mark says that our Lord could not get over their stubbornness, so he went to other places where he was celebrated.

Many do not understand the healing ministry of Jesus. They thought he overrules people’s will. Absolutely, no! Only the devil emasculates people; God needs you to cooperate with Him through your belief before He can manifest the healing grace and any other blessing in your life. God will not force His blessing on any man! So, you must be ready to exercise your faith.

Prayer: Dear Father, I thank you for the provision you’ve made for my healing. I choose to take advantage of these provisions and honour your servant whom you have anointed to guide and pray for me. Amen.

Further Reading: Hebrew 4:1-2, Mark 6:3-5
One-year Bible Reading Plan: Malachi 3:1-4:6; Revelation 22:1-21; Psalm 150:1-6; Proverbs 31:25-31

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