Daily Feast – January 30

Refused To Be Frustrated

Now it happened, when David and his men came to Ziklag, on the third day, that the Amalekites had invaded the South and Ziklag, attacked Ziklag and burned it with fire, and had taken captive the women and those who were there, from small to great; they did not kill anyone, but carried them away and went their way. So David and his men came to the city, and there it was, burned with fire; and their wives, their sons, and their daughters had been taken captive. Now David was greatly distressed...but David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.  -1 Samuel 30:1-3,6

God is a specialist in turning hopeless situation around. It’s not yet over until He says it is over. He is the God that turns our test to testimony, trials into triumph and adversity into advancement. He is not a respecter of persons and what he did for one He will do for another.

Anywhere frustration takes place, despise will follow. Anointing works at the level of appreciation. Whatever you don’t celebrate will depreciate. In frustration Elijah told God (“It is enough now oh Lord, take away my life, I am not better than my forefathers”). Job said “Woe is the womb that gave birth to me “. Moses wondered why he should be responsible for the people he was leading. He became tired of their murmuring. Stress and frustration can drive a man to his death. May you not be driven to suicide by frustration in Jesus name, Amen.

Let us consider the story of David in 1 Samuel, 30:1-end, where the enemies burnt down the city of Ziklag and captured all their children and wives. This was a pathetic situation to the extent that David was greatly distressed for the people spoke of stoning him, because of the soul of all the people was grieved and every man for his sons and for his daughter: but David encouraged himself in the Lord This brings to the fore self- examination of what your reaction would be in the time of crises. What would you do when you come to the Red sea of your life, and it seems there is no way forward? What would you do if you were in David’s shoes?

To obtain victory in a hopeless situation is to turn to the Lord for help. David, while summing up his experience in life said “God is our refuge and help in the time of trouble (Psalm 46:1). He encouraged himself in the Lord and the help of the Lord was available to him. On the long run, David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away, and David rescued his two wives.

Prayer: I refuse to be frustrated in Jesus Name. I take my stand against all the demons from the pit of hell to discourage me in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Further Reading: 1 Kings 19:4-13
One-year Bible Reading Plan: Exodus 5:22-7:25; Matthew 18:21-19:12; Psalm 23:1-6; Proverbs 5:22-23

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