Daily Feast – March 19

Right Location (2)

God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity; But the rebellious dwell in a dry land.- Psalms 68:6

When a man allows himself to be shifted from the family God has placed him; it doesn't make the blessing God has planned for him to manifest. Do not allow anyone to take you away from the family God has placed you. If you Do not have a family that you can be proud of, God wants to help you; that is why He has put you in the church. When you see a man who doesn't attend church, the devil will soon find a comfortable place in his home. The church is more than a place of gathering; it is a godly family.

Do not think staying close to your blessing is an option; no, it isn't. Even though you are blessed, if you miss your location, the blessing may not manifest.

In spite of the fact that Jacob was blessed, he came back with tales of woe and sorrow from his land of sojourn (Gen 31:38-41).

Someone who was blessed looked as if he was not blessed because of wrong location. Jacob was a man blessed by God from the womb, collected the blessing of the firstborn and the birthright of Esau, yet, he had nothing to show for it. It was because he was shifted from his location. If not for God's mercy, Jacob would have ended his life in regret; may your life not end in regret in Jesus name, Amen.

By the time Joseph brought his father before Pharaoh in Egypt and Pharaoh asked how old he was, he gave an answer that was not too pleasing- see Genesis 47:8-9.

Someone who was blessed by both God and his earthly father but went to the wrong location meets the one who was not blessed but was in the right location. Who between them appeared more blessed? A man who was not blessed had as much as four hundred men in his entourage but the one who was blessed could not command such followership- see Genesis 33:1-4.

The fear of Esau's anger made Jacob go far from the land of blessing. He laboured for his father-in-law for 20 years and by the time Jacob saw Esau his brother who was not as blessed, he became afraid of his wealth. How can you be blessed by God and have nothing to show for it? How could Jacob who was preferred by God from the womb call his other brother "my lord"? It was because he went to a wrong location and because of that, he wasted twenty years out of his life.

He was supposed to go for a wife and return to his people but instead, he went for slavery and he suffered for it. Jacob loved a woman more than he cherished destiny; he was even the one that suggested how much to pay as the dowry. Jacob inherited blessing from Abraham, added to the blessing he received from his father, Isaac, yet, Jacob had nothing to show for all the blessing.

How can a Christian never stay in a church for three years but run around churches all in the name of having liberty in Christ? Once God establishes you in the right church, you are to settle down in the church and be fruitful; stay in the church to profit.

Stay where the honour of God dwells and your blessing shall surely manifest in Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer: Lord, I will remain in the place you have planted me, I love your home, the place of dazzling glory, bathed in the splendor and light of your presence in JESUS NAME.

Further Reading: Psalms 26:8
One-year Bible Reading Plan: Numbers 33:40-35:34; Luke 5:12-28; Psalm 65:1-13; Proverbs 11:23

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