Daily Feast – March 25

Seek God’s Blessing

The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow with it.- Proverbs 10:22

Happiness can change but Joy is what God guarantees. Blessing produces joy; not in your soul but in your spirit. The blessings of the Lord are without sorrow and God's intention for you is to bless you with such.

Different authors have defined blessing to mean different things. To some, it means to be happy or to be envied. They may be right but being blessed goes beyond being happy. Being blessed means being empowered to be exalted.

Though Joseph was a slave in the home of Potiphar, the Bible says he was blessed. You can't call that a good position, yet, he was blessed. You can't say Joseph was happy throughout the time he was in the home of Potiphar yet, it was recorded that he was blessed. Joseph didn't know the reason he was going through so much hatred, falsehood and difficulties; he didn't understand everything but his right standing with the God of his fathers remained unshaken.

You Do not have to understand God before you obey or follow Him; all you need to do is to submit to Him totally. Each step of Joseph was as if things were getting more difficult for him, but he didn't know God was getting him nearer the throne. That is why you can't use your present circumstance to determine whether God is with you or not. The only guarantee of blessing is God's involvement in your life.

From Proverbs 10:22, riches are not equal to blessing; riches are only an appearance of blessing. It also means there are people who are rich but are not blessed and vice versa. The rich who are not in Christ cannot be called blessed.

All believers are blessed with all blessing in Christ. So, if we are blessed with all blessing, how come you assume that a rich unbeliever is blessed? Out of the blessing of the Lord, riches can come but it does not mean that riches are equal to blessing. The blessing of God is more than riches.

Wherever Christ is, blessing is there and no one can curse whoever is blessed of the Lord. As a child of God, God's blessing is in you already which an ungodly has no guarantee of. So, you are to pity any rich man who does not know Christ. It is a pity some are not enjoying life despite their numerous wealth; remember that what blessing produce is more than physical wealth. A man who is 20 million naira rich but suddenly has a health challenge that only 21 million naira can cure is 1million naira poor. Money on its own is like a bird and it can fly; that is why you should not trust it. Trust God, not money. When you trust God, money will come.

The first automobile that was made looks so ugly now because over time, it has witnessed improvement. All the things man invented have improved but nothing God made has improved. Since the day the sun or moon was made, it has never been improved on. Can anybody improve on the wind, moon or sun? No one can improve on God. The blessing of God does not need improvement just as God does not need improvement.

Prayer: I tap into and will manifest every spiritual blessing that has been lavished upon me as a love gift from our wonderful heavenly father because I have been wrapped into Christ.

Further Reading: Ephesians 1:3
One-year Bible Reading Plan: Deuteronomy 9:1-10:22; Luke 8:4-21; Psalm 69:19-36; Proverbs 12:2-3


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