Daily Feast – March 31

Understanding Purpose

“God shall judge the righteous and the wicked, For there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.”- Ecclesiastes 3:17

There is a divine reason behind your life. There is an assignment of God for you. Until the purpose of a thing is understood, its abuse is inevitable. All that God created are for peculiar assignments. You are responsible for understanding the purpose of your existence. Simply put, success is fulfilling the purpose of your existence. It is making a positive impact in life.

Purpose is the discovering of what you are living for; it is the key to life fulfilment. When you hit your purpose, you will command attention. May God help us to fulfil purpose in Jesus name (Amen)

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, It will not tarry. - Habakkuk 2:2-3

Vision is having your eyes into your future. It is one of the ways of knowing your purpose on Earth. It is the drive that gives you a sense of compulsion. Vision is that thing that gives you fulfilment; A man with no vision will have a different motivation. Vision helps you to have a sense of satisfaction; it is your greatest dream.

Your vision determines where you are going. It brings you to purpose. Vision is the unique call of God upon your life. It helps you to live in your future before you get there. You will not struggle once your vision is realized. Sadly, many have no plans for their future; they have eaten their tomorrow now. The cause of stress for many is trying to be who they are not.

You must cooperate with God before you can be whatever you want to be and have whatever you want to have.

Prayer: Help me, O Lord, to understand and vigorously pursue my God-given purpose so that my life will command attention; Amen.

Further Reading: Jeremiah 29:11, 1:4-5, Acts 26:13-18
One-year Bible Reading Plan: Deuteronomy 16:1-17:20; Luke 9:7-27; Psalm 72:1-20; Proverbs 12:8-9

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