Daily Feast – November 16

God Cares

casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you- I Peter 5:7

In the storm of life, be rest assured that God cares. People may act as if they care but no one cares as much as our God. As human beings, we do our best as parents, husband, or wives to care for our loved ones but most times, our care leads to worry and anxiety. Jesus told us not to worry or take thought of our lives because we are not made to carry burdens and cares. Any unnecessary burden usually results in high blood pressure and sickness in the body system.

God made Adam gave him plenty and God commanded him to be fruitful. God finished everything in creation before He made Adam. At creation, Adam just opened his eyes to the garden of plenty where everything he needed was made available. Initially, it was not God’s original plan for Adam to labour; in fact, his tending the Garden of Eden was to make him stay fit, not because he must struggle and labour to eat. But once Adam failed God and came under a curse, the first curse that landed on him was that he would struggle to survive; that he would labour and toil before eating.

When God anointed Moses and Aaron, one of the commandments given by God was that the robe of the high priest must not be so thick to make him sweat. God did not plan that man should labour before enjoying; He did not plan that we struggle through life but that we should have and enjoy effortless triumph in every facet of our lives.

We serve a God that cares; therefore, as His true children we should allow Him to carry all our cares. Do not say “Lord, let me carry ¼ while I carry the rest”. No, give God the chance to carry all your cares because He wants to be the one to carry all your burdens. The unbelievers and the ungodly think that God does not care; no wonder they do not respect Him as God. But as a child of God, God wants to take glory in your life.

There is a hymn that says, 'there's not a friend like the lowly Jesus…”. Jesus was lowly when He came as a man in the flesh, but today His status has changed. He is now the powerful Jesus; the second in the Godhead; seated at the right hand of God, defending us as the High Priest and the Apostle of our faith. Nothing could intimidate Him; He told those who crucified Him that He would rise after death. And even though four hundred soldiers watched over His tomb lest any of His disciples should steal His body away and claim He has risen, yet none of them could stop Him from rising. When Jesus rose from the grave, He did not even go out in a hurry. He rolled away the stone at the entrance of the tomb not because he could not go out except through the entrance but to allow people enter the tomb to see that He had risen, just as He said. The napkin on his head was wrapped so neatly before He left to let people know that He did not leave in a hurry.

Despite the political conspiracy against Jesus, He was always in control. Beloved, no witch, no wizard that ever existed can stop the advancement of the one that God cares for. Whatever we care about is what we protect and preserve. No one allows something of great value to be destroyed. We usually protect and preserve whatever is valuable. God says you are valuable because you are His workmanship; you are God's identity and He loves you. You reflect Him because you are His child. You are a star that is connected to the biggest star; it is Jesus in you, the hope of glory.

Prayer: I pray that you will become all that God plans for you and take glory in your life in Jesus name. May you understand the Father’s love and cares!

Further Reading: Matthew 6:25-34, I Corinthians 9:9-10
One-year Bible Reading Plan: Ezekiel 35:1-36:38; James 1:1-18; Psalm 116:1-19; Proverbs 27:23-27

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  1. Rominiyi Temitope says

    There’s a God who seriously care for me. He reighs, He rules in every nation. Allelujaaaah

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