Daily Feast – September 1


Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did send me before you to preserve life. - Genesis 45:5

Joseph was taken to the very top by divine providence because he understood the power of forgiveness. At the death and burial of their father his brethren felt insecure; thinking that Joseph would revenge all the evil they did to him. They now fabricated a lie telling Joseph what their father did not say. The brother of Joseph could not forgive themselves even after seventeen years of Joseph goodness to them. It is always convenient to lie against the dead father; after all, there is no way to verify from the dead. They must have thought perhaps that Joseph had forgiven them only for the sake of Jacob. This was an unnecessary fear for Joseph had already proved his love to them in many ways. But godly men who God truly lift like Joseph would not hold grudges like unreasonable sinners.

We can learn the power of forgiveness in Joseph that made him get to the very top.

  1. He did not even tell the house of Pharaoh what his brethren did to him for if he has done that, the royal house in Egypt would have thrown them into Pharaoh's dungeon. He spoke well of them to Pharaoh. For you to get a wound healed, you will need to cover it up after treatment. The more you tell the story of injustice and unfairness, the more the wound will not heal.
  2. Joseph brought his brothers nearer to himself. They were scared to death when he first introduced himself to them. They could have wished that the ground under them opened and swallowed them up. He moved towards them. What they did, even though it was terrible is not equal to restoration and fulfilment of destiny. God told their great grandfather Abram that he would take his seed to a strange land.
  3. He told them not to be angry with themselves. Instead of further messing up the whole situation, playing the blame game, he helped them to forget their miseries. The light had swallowed up the darkness for God had used the wickedness of the enemies to advance his course. He even went further to tell them to see God in the whole issue.
  4. Joseph was generous with his love. He protected his brethren from their darkest secret

Before life is over, all of us will have our turn to play a fool. Is it not foolish of his brethren to think they could defeat God's plan and purpose for Joseph? But we serve a God who turns adversity into advancement and tests into testimonies. What he did for Joseph he will also do in your life if you reject ill-feeling and bitterness. The heart is where the issue of life spring forth and so it must be carefully protected


Prayer: Lord, prove to my enemies that your eyes behold their wickedness and stand up for me against the workers of iniquity in Jesus name

Further Reading: Genesis 50:15-21
One-year Bible Reading Plan: Job 40:1-42:17; 2 Corinthians 5:11-21; Psalm 45:1-17; Proverbs 22:14

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