Delivered from Demonic Torment

The devil had been tormenting my life since 2010. Every night, I had always seen a lady come to me to have an affair with me through my dream. Every time I have this encounter, there is nothing I lay my hands upon that will prosper. There was no positive result in anything I did because of this terrible encounter with the demonic world. I told my parents what I was passing through and they said I should be praying.

I was in this horrible condition when somebody invited me to this church. I attended the service and came out as a first timer after the message. I gave my life to Christ during the counseling session because I was a Muslim.

On that particular Sunday night, the lady came to deal with me. She said “who told you to go to that church” she said I should not go back to the church again. During the women congress we had earlier this year, I determined to attend all the meetings which I was able to do by God’s grace. This lady came into my room with another lady after the congress; they then woke me up and asked me to follow them. As I was about to follow them, suddenly, I saw mummy (Mrs. Idowu) stood in between us and she held my hand and took me away from them. Mummy told them I cannot follow them so they went away.

Ever since that night, I have been sleeping peacefully without having any encounter with that strange lady. This was how I was delivered from the demonic world. Praise the lord.

Bro S.A

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