Healed and Made Whole

I give God all the glory for his healing virtue over my mother.

I received a call from her that she was having a challenge in her health. She was taken to the hospital to see the doctor but she said she desired to attend our church service so the senior pastor could pay hands on her.

She attended the feast of trumpet expecting that she will be called out by word of knowledge to be prayed for but nothing as such happened. She was just eager to receive a touch of the Lord through our father in the Lord.

I invited her to the faith clinic, lo and behold, her heartfelt desire was met when Mummy ( Mrs. Idowu) called her case and prayed for her. She was excited after she had been prayed to the extent that she was just jumping about around the altar because every challenge she was having in the area of her health was taken care of by God.

She was full of joy so much that she said she wasn’t going to miss this year’s convention and she planned to attend.

Pastor B.A.

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